Banking is one of the most important aspects of the online casino that is often overlooked. The banking section of the casino is the place that players turn to in order to find out how to send money securely and easily to the casino. In the banking section of the casino a number of secure options are offered. Each of these options is 100% secure and offers encrypted transfers of funds to the casino.

Multiple Options for Sending and Receiving Funds

The banking section of the Boombet Casino offers players a number of options. The player can send money using a standard credit or debit card by clicking on this option in the casino banking area and entering his personal details. The transactions are totally secure and fully encrypted. Other options offered include sending money through one of the third-party deposit options. These include Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard and more. Each option requires that the player first registers and opens an account, he will then have to fund his new third-party account. Once the player has funded his account he is ready to transfer funds to the casino. The player can transfer funds very easily by choosing his third-party option in the banking section which will take him directly to the login. Once the player has logged in all that he has to do is enter the amount that he wants to send to the casino and it will immediately be transferred allowing him to start enjoying the casino games in real time and with total confidence thanks to the secure transfer of his monies.

Secure Withdrawals

Withdrawals from the casino can be carried out in the same way once the player has received approval from the casino for the withdrawal. Withdrawals take up to 5 days depending on the method chosen and at the moment players cannot withdraw to credit or debit cards.