Instant Play

Being able to access an online casino is a gift that is often overlooked. The instant access casino allows players to access the casino at all times of the day and night from anywhere and at any time of the day or night. There is no waiting around and the player can access the casino whether he is at home on his home computer or whether he is travelling on his laptop or a different computer.

Excellent Quality and Variety of Games

The quality and variety of the games and the service offered at the instant play casino is exactly the same as the downloaded casino. Players benefit from the same choice of sign up bonus offers, either a 100% bonus or a 50% cashback and up to 200 free spins with the first deposit made. The same follow up offers are also given, and player scan enjoy non-stop action with the wide selection of casino games. The Boombet casino store with all of its special offers is also available at the instant play version of the casino and so is the constant customer service and support. Players at the instant play casino can choose from the same secure deposit methods and withdraw winnings in the same way that is possible at the downloaded casino. To summarize playing casino games at the instant play casino is no different than the downloaded casino and in fact in some ways it is better giving player more accessibility and definitely more versatility at all times of the day and night from any computer.